Metal Roof Maintenance Coatings

FG International Maintenance Division

Specializing in roof repair, maintenance, roof leaks, and installation of metal roofing materials in addition to FG International coatings for rust, insulation, corrosion. Sample Installation.

Example: Install a replacement or new metal roof and/or add FGI-4440 Insulation to the new roof for insulation purposes. We are now offering Maintenance and Installation/Application services.
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featuring FG International Zero Maintenance Coatings
"FGI Zero Maintenance Coating" samples ...

FGI-121 HWY is an extremely unique ultimate performance Highway Marking Coating. FGI-121 HWY is an epoxy based coating that is impervious to heat and water providing for extreme abrasion resistance thus extremely long working life, up to 10 times the life of other marking coatings. These superior properties make FGI-121 HWY the most cost effective highway marking coating on the market. Because it is “wetter than water”, applied properly, FGI-121 HWY warrants against damage from standing water and can remain under water, ice, or snow with no harm to the coating. It offers unmatched protection against heat and cold extremes, mildew, salt, alkali, UV, oils and grease.

FGI-391 is an extremely unique ultimate performance single component Anti-Ice Release coating. It is formulated for ease of application in the field or at the point of manufacture. FGI- 391 provides a very low coefficient of friction which provides a more difficult surface for moisture molecules to bond

FGI-8200 is an extremely unique ultimate performance epoxy based Stucco that water proofs the substrate, provides superior insulation, is fire resistant, chemical resistant, and provides corrosion protection over metals all the while being very easy to apply. The product remains flexible and provides a beautiful cosmetic finish of your choice.

FGI-8000 - COOL PAVE COAT - Heat Island Reduction Coating
FGI- 8000 will remove the Heat Island Effect found in urban parking lots, parking garages, city streets and road surfaces. Very High Reflectivity to lower temperature and extend substrate life.

FGI-4440 - Insulation, Waterproof Coating for Roofs
Insulation Properties: Stops Thermal Shock Impervious to heat, through very high reflectivity and very high insulation. Impervious to water penetration. Blocks water permanently. Adheres to all roof surfaces.

FGI-6500 - Corrosion Protection Coating for Roofs
Easy to Apply by Brush, Roller, Spray or Dipping on Dry or Wet substrates.
Extreme Adhesion to Substrate, adhering to almost any clean surface including: aluminum, wood, metals of all types, plastic, brick, glass, transites. Extremely Durable Wear Surface.

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