Cool Pave Coat - reduces heat island effect.

Featured Coating: FGI-8000COOL PAVE COAT ™
                                                       Heat Island Reduction Coating

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What is the Heat Island Effect?

FGI - 8000
Cool Pave Coat (CPC) is a ceramic based extremely unique ultimate performance Heat Island Effect Reduction coating. The FGI- 8000 will remove the Heat Island Effect found in urban parking lots, parking garages, city streets and roads. FGI- 8000 is an epoxy based coating that is impervious to heat and water. Can be applied directly over asphalt and concrete in one coat thus saving labor cost of typical multi-coat systems. The FGI- 8000 offers unmatched protection against heat and cold extremes, alkali, UV, oils and grease. The coating maintains remarkable flexibility thus preventing cracking. Very easy to use with long pot life, high reflectivity, encapsulates friability of virtually all parking lot, pavement and concrete substrates. It’s chemically inert finish, withstands acids, alkalis, animal fats, grease and oils and particularly heavy auto traffic.  Stops Thermal shock and the freeze thaw cycle thus extending asphalt, concrete life with extreme adhesion and abrasion resistance.

       Very High Reflectivity to lower temperature and extend substrate life.

       Can be applied directly to Asphalt or Concrete substrate in ONE coat

       Very Little Prep Work over Asphalt or Concrete

       UV, Weather, Chemical, Salt and Abrasion Resistant

       Extreme Adhesion to Substrate

       Extremely Durable Wear Surface

       No Top-Coat necessary

       Reduces surface and air temperature

       Reduces ozone formation, air pollution, energy use

       Reduces heat related deaths

       Increases nighttime illumination and noise reduction

       Contains No Zinc, Lead or Chromates

       Typical Applications: Asphalt or Concrete Parking Lots, Parking Garages, Streets and Roads, drive ways, side walks, asphalt roofs


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